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What a Deal !  Rope spool Dania Flea Market Deck Work - Julie doing windows
Hendricks Isle, Ft. Lauderdale - view from the stern Paris

Playboy Marine - the boat yard

Send us a note in a bottle. or Email will do just fine too. 

     Julie and I have undertaken the job of a major refit for Colony II in preparation for us to ... well, sail away. Thus the title 
"Sail Away Home."

     Since Colony II has been our full time home and office for quite some time now, we can vouch for the liveaboard lifestyle ... at least for the likes of us two. 
     So let us know if you're interested in following the adventure, or have some words of encouragement, or if you're real handy at varnish work, oops I digress. 

     There's a pile of pictures from the projects so far, if you're into "how to's".  We'd really like to know if you are interested in a web site while all the rebuilding is going on.   If all goes along as planned, there should be some shake down cruises before Santa shows up. And then the Bahamas beckon.  So, welcome aboard and  please share your ideas and let us know what you think.  

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Bill & Julie 


Come visit!  Shots found from 1967...








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