Day 18 — Voyage to Nowhere — Harness Up
Day 18 — Voyage to Nowhere — Harness Up

Bill Peterson

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Log Entry : 4 Apr, 2020

Captain’s Journal:

Galley sink surprise project passes the overnight drip test.


  First thing even before getting the hot water going for coffee and tea, I grab the flashlight and check the paper towel under the thru-hull repair for wet.  This is gonna be a good day, methinks.  Now if the world out there can follow along the same path, even with a jury-rigged solution like mine for now, that would be a good thing.  I’ll get a clue when the computer finishes booting up and we see what the headlines are shouting. 

Can’t imagine a lot could be all that new while my head was on the pillow, but these are fast changing times.   Heck, we might even be supposed to wear masks by this morning. That battle of advice has been boiling up for a few days now. 

Not a big issue for the Colony II crew today, planning to be only aboard, and in fact we decided on masks for shore excursions back during the initial fifteen day lockdown.  An idea not unlike wearing your harness and clipping onto the safety line when stepping out of the cockpit in unsettled weather or anytime you’re topsides alone, just in case.

So spritz up high …

similar in size to our refurbs

There’ve been no visits to the common area of washing machine/shower/bathroom area without first spritzing the air with the fine mist of alcohol from one of the salvaged handy little Natural Vitamin D-3 bottles.

So spritz up high with the Ironically trademarked as “Spray For Life” repurposed bottle, while wearing your mask scrounged from the sandpaper bin. If you’re on a boat with teak you have a sandpaper bin. It just seemed to make sense if this thing is airborne.

DIY refurbs

 I think I visualized the meaning of airborne as being atomized thus the spritzing of a fine mist of alcohol falling through the area you’ll walk through in the confined space of the common room made sense.  I didn’t know at the time the CDC & TV doctors were using the term airborne in a stricter scientific sense to mean droplets only.  So good on me, as it turns out. 

A couple of days ago they started talking about atomized particles after a church choir group came down with cases because of singing together, in spite of their being obedient and maintaining the six foot distance. It’s good to be ahead of the curve if only by misunderstanding. Still if there are droplets there should be particles, something you’d just auto-think if you’ve ever done any spray painting of anything.

* Captain Pro

It’s a just in case move

It’s a just in case move, but then keeping a sharp knife strapped near the wheel when underway and the likewise redundancy of a blade on your hip is part of deck protocol. “Could happen” thinking, not likely what will happen, becomes a bigger part of the mindset when you’re hundreds of miles at sea.  This Voyage to Nowhere can use some deep blue sea thinking to good advantage I think.  

Julie attacked the forward storage hole

So yep as the day went along, wear masks out in the world is the new voluntary thing.  We discussed it during sunset tea and congratulated ourselves and compared notes for the day. 

A couple of things got checked off the list. Julie attacked the forward storage hole to inventory, clean out and make room for the new ship stores as they come aboard and I finished off the shower sump install. 

Oh yeah, and I had a live social interaction to pass along–my chat with Mercedes our boat neighbor to the south. It was a boat to boat socially distanced discussion of life at the moment.  I think we both just enjoyed someone to talk to that we weren’t living with.

 We finished off the Picard episodes (ahh ok’ish) and it’s late’ish so thinking the ‘Altered Carbon’ series we’ve watched some of seems a bit heavy, so let’s give the Star Trek Discovery series a look I think. Seems like a fine time to head “off-world” .

~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

* Myerchin WF300P Generation 2 Captain Pro Wood Handle yep, on my wish list. 🙂


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