Day 20 — Voyage to Nowhere — Steering Clear
Day 20 — Voyage to Nowhere — Steering Clear

Bill Peterson

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Log Entry : 6 Apr, 2020

Captain’s Journal : Day 20 Year 20

Overcast, damp, seventy-five degrees and dead still

If this wasn’t a voyage to nowhere I’d have to crank up the diesel to make any miles.  It’s almost a non-day, so far at least. Nothing seems to have made any progress.  Not nothing altogether I suppose, I did manage to get a decent night’s sleep so that’s an unusual plus for me. Even without watching the news, the feeling of conflict in the air persists this morning. 

I may well be out over my skis in thinking this but I’m thinking a divide is widening between the people willing to stick in there with the shelter in place and the others.  Even in my shrunken world here in the confines of the complex and from the shelter of my floating world I see the signs. 

Stand-in puppies to protect real puppy’s identity

Yesterday from the cockpit I watched the young girl from boat two hop ashore, skip dance up to knock on the patio door of apartment three.  Out came puppy mom and the beautiful golden furred bundle of happy glad to see ya puppy, who had to be petted and snuzzled. 

Lovable, natural, normal and so not what they’re asking us to do. 

… they will likely get the virus, they’ve decided, nearly everyone will

But they’re all young and mostly they don’t really believe they’re at risk as best I can tell.  I’ve met most of these people and they’re nice folks, so that’s not the issue at all.  One of my favorite young boat couples who’re very aware of the situation and were quick to get prepared explained they think they will likely get the virus, they’ve decided nearly everyone will. 

So they are young’ish and thinking they’re healthy, it won’t be that bad for them and they will be very conscientious about staying away from older people and people with underlying conditions. I’m certain they’re sincere.

 Fine and well, but you see the forming opinions and the mind lines being drawn.  There are more examples just around here, like the guy I can see from here helping his neighbor to get his bike going, passing the loaned tire pump hand to hand and double teaming the tire inflation, well closer than six feet.

 I’m not saying the stay away from each other thing didn’t help, I’m just wondering that without seeing bodies in the street if this is not already as good a tactic as it’s going to get.  Ok, so that was the plan. It was a course line drawn on the chart, but those often change with the latest forecast.

We need new marching orders and pretty soon I’m thinking.  Like a shifting wind that keeps us off the reef it’s possible that quick result testing will change the course and help us steer clear, or some development along the way. But the present course of shut down has nowhere to end but on the rocks for the economy part of this current protective maneuver.

~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

During the Second Dog Watch

Dinner and tube time came around again.  Tube time was simply a new episode of Star Trek Discovery but dinner was a special~ Pop ~ in the routine when the good for us pizza Julie made came to the table.  So treat night at 2 bells and all’s well aboard Colony II. 

Galley wench note: Cauliflower crust, green pepper, mushrooms and onions. Grocery delivery fail on the grated veggie cheese so made do with the block substitution.


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