Julie’s Vegetable Soup
Julie’s Vegetable Soup

Julie Peterson

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Log Entry : 2 May, 2020
bowl of Julie's Vegetable Soup
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Hot Soup ~ Great for Passages

Passage food is in a class all to itself I think. Hot food that’s easy to grab from the galley and take to the cockpit while underway will always lift spirits and energy almost instantly. And for me it often helps fend off the headache and drowsiness that warns of the start of seasickness. As the official “galley wench” I don’t do well in the galley (or anywhere else below) on passages, especially after we’ve been at the dock for a while. So it’s really important for me to plan and prepare foods in advance.

big pot of Julie's Vegetable Soup

Whether you’re dockside or prepping for a passage, you might like this simple and lovely soup that has been my go-to many times. With almost no fat it’s easy on the tummy yet it’s very filling and keeps us satisfied for a long while, especially served with a good bread. Our favorites are homemade hearty cornbread or sourdough.

Our Bahamas passages always begin late evening, so I make a large pot and keep it on the stove through the night for whenever the watch crew gets hungry. Or of course you can put it in your favorite food thermos.

And it freezes well, and is great leftover–you can change up the veggies to whatever you have or need to use up, like green beans, peas, broccoli, etc.

close up of bowl of Julie's Vegetable Soup


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